Parkland High School Teacher Arrested for Allegedly Leaving Gun in Public Restroom

PARKLAND school shooter Nikolas Cruz wants to donate his inheritance to victims of the massacre and help "heal the community".

Broward Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer has not yet made a determination if Cruz has enough resources to disqualify him from having a public defender.

Sean Simpson, a chemistry teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, left his loaded Glock 9 mm in the bathroom of a Deerfield Beach Pier on Sunday, the the Herald stated stated, citing a Broward County Sheriff's Office report.

"Let it go to those who have been hurt, period", public defender Howard Finkelstein said. Deputy Christopher Favitta, the arresting officer, said he entered the public bathroom and found a single 9mm brass shell casing in the corner.

But if it is annual, the amount would be insignificant for what "in this moment right now is the highest profile case of America" with costs expected to run into hundreds of thousands dollars, according to his lawyers, excluding civil suits.

Cruz will be back in court again on April 27.

The inheritance has not yet been executed, however, and it is unclear what Cruz and his brother Zachary really have.

Whether Cruz is actually contrite or this is some bid to mitigate his sentence and avoid the death penalty sought by the prosecution is uncertain.

"We're prepared to do it today". It's also not clear how frequently the annuity pays, lawyers said. He has a very small amount of Microsoft stock, and was a beneficiary of his mother's life insurance policy and is due $25,000 of those proceeds, which are now unclaimed.

"Regarding his last comments about a plea offer, the State of Florida is not allowing Mr. Cruz to choose his own punishment for brutally murdering 17 people", said prosecutor Shari Tate.

Among the financial details revealed during the hearing were a bank account that had more than $17,000 a year ago but is now down to $353.43.

McNeil confirmed that Cruz now has Microsoft stock worth $2,227, as well as a bank account with $353.

  • Aubrey Nash