Second Palestinian journalist shot by Israeli troops during Gaza border protests dies

The same officials suggested Mossad is on a mission to thwart a Hamas project that sends scientists and engineers overseas to purchase intelligence and weapons.

"That claim has been confirmed by Middle Eastern intelligence officials", The New York Times reported, claiming the "broader operation" was ordered by the Mossad chief, Yossi Cohen.

Israel's leading newspaper Haaretz reports that regarding North Korea, the joint report, by Israeli journalist Ronen Bergman and Hannah Beech, the NYT's Southeast Asia reporter claimed that "Western and Middle Eastern intelligence officials said that Batsh may have been involved in negotiating North Korean arms deals through Malaysia".

Police said al-Batsh, 34, was hit with more than a dozen bullets by the assailants, who shot from a motorcycle as he was heading to a mosque for dawn prayers in a suburb near Kuala Lumpur.

It was also reported that Egypt had recently captured a shipment of "communications components used for guiding munitions destined for Gaza" from North Korea.

The Times also cited a United Nations report claiming that Pyongyang had established shell companies to circumvent global sanctions allowing it to conduct sales of "military-grade communication systems" through Kuala Lumpur.

The Palestinian envoy in Malaysia says the body of a Hamas militant killed last week in Kuala Lumpur will be repatriated to the Gaza Strip for burial.

But Israel has dismissed claims that the country's spy agency was behind Batash's killing, suggesting instead that his killing was a "settling of accounts" between sparring terrorist factions.

Malaysian police on Wednesday released a photo of one of the two alleged assailants who gunned down a Palestinian engineer over the weekend, and said they are believed to still be in the country.

The Royal Malaysia Police released photos of a suspect in the murder of Dr Fadi M R Albatsh.

Police previously released two computer-generated images of the suspects, showing two light-skinned men with beards.

Hamas has previously accused the Mossad of assassinating another one of its drone experts - Mohamed Zouari - in Tunisia in 2016.

  • Aubrey Nash