Bethesda Tease Rage 2 Following Retailer Leak

Some bigger surprises include Forza Horizon 5, Rage 2 and a new Assassin's Creed game. Listings on Walmart Canada's web site indicate the aforementioned titles combined with Forza Horizon 5, Dragon Quest two for the Xbox one particular (that will be likely Dragon Quest Builders two), Lego DC Villains, Rage two, and already declared fare such as Insurgency Sandstorm and The Division two.

Destiny's "Comet" listing is interesting, too: that's the internal name for "big" expansions for the game - the likes of which we see in Destiny 1 in the form of The Taken King and Rise of Iron. Rather than choosing to ignore the listing and wait for a full reveal likely at E3, however, it seems that Bethesda has made a decision to take a different approach and face it directly. Also, could "Forza Horizons 5" be a typo, or is Microsoft pulling a Windows 9 and skipping an instalment?

While Rage 2 might seem odd as well, Bethesda has discussed a sequel for that before.

Really so many video games appeared on the website of the retailer, and although we must necessarily take the leaks with due precautions who knows if this may hide some truth. Numerous other games listed have already been announced by their publishers. It looks like id Software might have picked back up on the project. Is this just a case of a Walmart drone doing a bunch of insane guesswork, or is this real intel with a few errors and typos thrown in to confuse the situation?

Do you think any of these leaks are true? Nevertheless, gaming fans can only keep their fingers crossed that the titles shown - most notably a new Splinter Cell - will get announcements at E3 2018. Are you excited to see any of these leaks?

Once again, though, Walmart Canada might just be getting prepared for these announcements in case they happen at E3 next month.

  • Fernando Stephens