Facebook updates Stories with audio, archiving and saved clips

Much like the Snapchat equivalent, the archive feature lets users privately save their Stories within the Facebook app.

Connor Hayes, Director of Product Management, Facebook Stories while announcing the new Voice Posts feature revealed how the company has been seeing users going creative to share Stories through audio and not video.

Users who shoot photos or videos using the in-app Facebook Camera will be able to access these new cloud storage features. At this time, the feature will only be available for Facebook Lite users, however, Android users will see this in the coming months. If you have, then you might be glad to know that Facebook is launching a Save option, so you can do your story now and post it later.

Facebook does not mention if there is a storage limit for unshared photos, but we can go ahead and assume that there isn't. As the name suggests, this feature allows you to share a moment without having to share a photo or video. That's why Facebook's option for users to save images directly into their accounts rather than on their device, will be appealing to some. Further, you can also send one of your archived Stories to your contacts over Messenger.

Facebook introduces voice posts, story archive options for users in India
Facebook's new India-focused features: Voice posts, Stories archive, and save photos for later

Wibbitz has, until this point, primarily served as a tool for publishers looking to turn their text and photo content into video. Second, users will be able to share audio-only clips on Stories or to upload audio, along with a photo that was taken previously. This new feature will be present as a new mode in the Facebook Camera. "For a lot of people, audio is a very important way for them to express themselves and communicate", said Hayes.

Nearly as an afterthought, Facebook is also adding voice posts, which allows the camera-shy to make fun updates without having to put on makeup first. "People thus want to keep these works of art and keep them for a longer time than a day", he added. You can also reshare them as a story or post it on News Feed. Facebook will also provide a disable Stories Archive option to stop Facebook from saving your old stories. After a photo disappears from a story, they can find it in the story archive, a place only the user can see, though they can always choose to not save them.

It makes sense that these new features are rolling out to India first, as they appear to mostly be geared towards developing markets where flagship smartphones are either unaffordable or non-existent.

  • Fernando Stephens