Four Turkish opposition parties agree election alliance deal

In the past he has led an association focusing on the safeguarding of the ideology of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, father of the Turkish Republic and secular.

The coalition, which is expected to be announced Thursday, will include the Republican People's Party, or CHP, the İyi Party, the Islamist Saadet Party and Democrat Party.

Erdogan has won almost a dozen elections and dominated Turkish politics since his Islamist-rooted AK party first swept to power in 2002.

The broadcaster said the centre-left party's members of parliament all voted unanimously for Ince, who has been a member of the legislative house since 2002.

The CHP is due to make an alliance with three other opposition parties - notably the new Iyi (Good) Party of Meral Aksener - for the elections. "Our candidate is the man of the people", Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said after the AKP group agreed on Erdoğan.

Tezcan claimed the package had been stolen from the CHP's 2015 election manifesto and urged voters not to be seduced.

"Some people may look for their presidential candidates by microscope, but we have already decided on our candidate".

Eleven political parties will participate in the early parliamentary and presidential election, to be held in Turkey on June 24. She will be the first woman candidate to compete against Erdogan.

After these elections, constitutional changes to create an executive presidency will come into force after they were approved narrowly in an April 2017 referendum. The candidacy was also backed by the MHP.

  • Joey Payne