Google is making regular security patches mandatory for OEMs

Yesterday, Ladders reported on Google's new human-sounding AI chatbot - which makes phone calls and carries a conversation with people - and the possible ethical questions the service raises.

Cuthbertson also updated the crowd on Google's support of the Kotlin programming language. Over the past two years, Google has integrated Assistant into various products including its Google Home smart speaker.

The Google assistant was talking so naturally that the staff members it was interacting with did not realize they were talking with a robot.

AI is also playing a role in the latest version of the Android OS (Android P, now in beta) in the form of a new "adaptive battery" feature that learns from usage patterns how to maximize the battery life of a particular device.

Google's next sweet flavor of Android was officially revealed at Google I/O yesterday, and this is the company's ninth version of Android.

The Android P 9.0 does come with the standard trio of navigation buttons, but now there's a new option within the settings menu, which lets you try the newly redesigned navigation experience.

This summer, Google will start testing the Duplex technology within Google Assistant, to help users make restaurant reservations, schedule salon appointments and get holiday hours over the phone. According to CEO Sundar Pichai, The goal is for the Google Assistant to to have a more natural voice that is closer to how humans speak. Tech experts say that Google has been working on a Match feature.

Apart from this, Google Maps will soon begin making more dining ideas by studying the user habits and pinning down their places by using smartphone cameras to explore the surroundings. A demonstration by Google on stage showed the display pulling up Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube TV. Google News uses the company's AI and Machine Learning tools to serve credible and relevant news to users.

Other areas where Google is using AI to improve its services include Google News.

Everything in the Android P 9.0 now has curves and rounded feel to it; the notification bar has new coloring style which not everyone might like. Social media fuels that debate from time-to-time, with fake news, spreading extremism and more.

Google has offered Android's monthly security patches for quite some time at this point, but it has never really had any requirements for them.

Google has also been able to apply its AI models to large data sets of de-identified patient data to predict with a high degree of accuracy the chances of a patient being readmitted to hospital, average hospital stays and other medical events. Users will be able to follow arrows - or possibly a cartoon-like creature - that appear on a camera view showing the actual street in front of them.

  • Fernando Stephens