Harrison Ford What's Up, Han ... Any Big Movies Coming Out?

"Get outta my chair!" "Get out of my life". "He said, 'If anyone asks, tell them I told you everything you need to know and you can't tell anyone, '" Alden answered.

Ehrenreich was surprised by Ford, who interrupted the interview and jokingly told the young actor to 'Get out of my chair!' "Because he's.' And I was like, 'Well.' [The interviewer replied] 'Well you have your chance.' And he was behind me". " Obvious he's joking and the fellow actors share a hug".

The actor is floored when he sees Ford saying 'You're s******* me.

"Oh my God, that is awesome", says a clearly surprised Ehrenreich.

We're pretty sure Ford was just kidding when he growled at the youngster like Indiana Jones greeting a looter who doesn't believe things belong in museums.

Oscar-winning filmmaker Ron Howard said Saturday directing a movie in the 'Star Wars' universe was as daunting as making his Beatles documentary thanks to the intense fan love. The meeting happened months after Ehrenreich first scored the role as young Solo - and years after he was first discovered by none other than Steven Spielberg.

'So we had lunch I guess two years ago or something and he was really encouraging, really supportive and we went off and shot the film and everything like that. But since Ford had missed the big premiere, it was a surprising and exciting gesture for Ehrenreich to see him during the interview. I know for Ron [Howard] and [producer] Kathleen [Kennedy] it's just such a huge deal to have him really, genuinely enjoy the film. The snippet was posted by ET on Instagram, with the full interview expected to be released on Sunday.

Solo: A Star Wars Story, or simply Solo, is a 2018 American space Western film centered on Han Solo, a character from the Star Wars franchise.

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