Instagram Makes Serious Money Moves With New Payment Feature

A feature was rolled out before that enabled the users to watch YouTube videos inside the app only, this new update for the iOS users will allow the users to do the same with Instagram and Facebook videos. It's about time that WhatsApp added support for in-app playback for Facebook and Instagram videos, considering the fact that all three services are part of the same company. WhatsApp had introduced the feature past year in November, which enables iPhone users to watch YouTube videos right in the app. While folks have been able to play YouTube videos in the app for quite some time, Instagram and Facebook links have previously sent folks to those respective apps, instead of allowing these videos to play natively.

WhatsApp is the world's most popular chat app, with over 1.5billion users each month. We have come across several reports of Facebook testing to bring the payments feature to Instagram in the past. As per the new payment application, which is now displayed in the login of specific users, one can enter payment details into the app along with a PIN for more secured access.

It seems that Facebook is turning WhatsApp from a safe messaging app to just a general messaging app while taking away the security measures that its founders were so adamant on. After this, the video will start playing in chat itself. Most of the smartphone users have the app installed on their smartphones and only a handful use WhatsApp Web on their computers, but did you know that you can use WhatsApp without opening the app on your phone? Beginning as a photo networking service, it has since turned more into a social media platform and now a place for commerce.

According to certain sources, Facebook wanted businesses to have easier access to users' data which they could then use to target appropriate consumer base. Microsoft Build is followed by Facebook's F8 Developer Conference. Similarly, with payments feature coming to Instagram, users will now be able to shop without having to leave the app. Maybe WhatsApp would allow users to get rid of ads by buying into a premium ad-free subscription for a fraction of the cost.

  • Joe Gonzales