New Ebola outbreak kills four people in DR Congo - medics

She said the decision to commence the screening has been ignited by the outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where 17 people have been reported dead from the disease.

FEC has now directed the Federal Ministry of Health to step up emergency surveillance activities at all land and airport borders, so that we can actually keep Nigerians safe.

"I think with this rapid response we will be able to contain it", World Health Organization emergencies director for Africa, Ibrahima Soce Fall, told the Media on Wednesday.

The WHO said that it is working closely with the DRC government to contain the spread of the viral disease.

At least two people have tested positive for the virus since and now we are learning there are at least five others, including two nurses, who could be infected and are being monitored.

"Since notification of the cases on 3 May, no deaths have been reported either among the [hospitalized] cases or the healthcare personnel", the Health Ministry statement added. The disease was first identified in two simultaneous outbreaks, one in Nzara, and the other in Yambuku, a village near the Ebola River from which the disease takes its name.

Nigeria managed to escape the last Ebola outbreak with just 20 cases and eight deaths. Then, it spreads to humans via infected meat. MedlinePlus website, Ebola is "severe" and "often fatal". The disease shows early symptoms similar to other diseases like typhoid and malaria-fever, headache, muscle pain and chills-and this makes it hard to identify it in its initial phases.

The killer virus Ebola is a fast-spreading disease that kills its sufferers in a matter of days. Treatment involves supportive care such as fluids, oxygen, and treatment of complications.

World Health Organization confirmed the Ebola on Tuesday and said it was "working closely" to tackle the outbreak.

At the time, CAF rescheduled matches for the African Cup of Nations involving the worst-hit nations Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The AU Commission has been informed of the outbreak and is ready to offer comprehensive support of all AU organs to the response. This was well contained through the efficient coordination among the government, health department, worldwide partners and the WHO.

The Ministry of Health of Democratic of the Congo has collected more samples for testing.

  • Aubrey Nash