Trump congratulates Putin for 4th term

A total of 13,000 troops, military police and cadets, as well as 159 combat vehicles and 75 aircraft rolled onto Red Square on Wednesday to mark Victory Day.

Netanyahu before leaving Israel for the visit said that "the meetings between us are always important and this one is especially so".

Netanyahu said Wednesday morning upon leaving for Moscow that in light of what is now happening in Syria, it is necessary to "ensure the continued coordination" between the Russian military and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

"For the past months, Iran has been transferring weapons to its forces in Syria", the prime minister said.

"Russia should be modern and dynamic, it should be ready to accept the call of the times", he said in his inauguration speech to thousands of guests standing in three halls of the Grand Kremlin Palace. A Russian intelligence team, he said, will be coming to Israel in the coming days to go over the trove of documents that Israel spirited out of Iran.

"I presented Israel's obligation and Israel's right to defend itself from Iranian aggression from Syrian territory, against the state of Israel", he added in a statement on Wednesday evening.

Russian Federation rolled out its latest military hardware on Moscow's Red Square for the annual parade to mark Soviet victory over the Nazis as President Vladimir Putin begins his fourth Kremlin term, DNA reported.

"It is hard for me to describe to you the depth of my impression from that moving ceremony to mark the victory over Nazism", he said.

Netanyahu noted that Jews "have never forgotten the great lesson facing a murderous ideology".

The difference, he continued, "is that today we have a state".

At the start of the meeting, Netanyahu thanked Putin for "the chance of discussing regional issues and the attempts to solve crises and remove threats in a responsible manner".

The parade commemorates the Allies victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.

  • Joey Payne