Trump to address Jerusalem embassy opening by video

Two dozen others were overcome by tear gas. The crowd on Monday will be unarmed and peaceful, but like a "starving tiger" in pent-up anger and unpredictability, Yehiyeh Sinwar told foreign reporters Thursday. The implication is that the protesters will be crossing a "border" and "entering" Israel illegally. It has stuck to its open-fire policies, such as targeting "main instigators" and those approaching the fence, despite growing global criticism. "Should there be someday a Palestinian state, if they want part of Jerusalem, someday they'll find an agreement, but for now, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel", he adds.

Hamas, which rules Gaza and has supported the protests, said it would not stop people from attempting to break through the fence. Israeli officials say the goal was to present to the US a common position against the move by all 28 member states, and to embarrass and isolate the Trump administration ahead of Monday's ceremony....

The celebration of America's historic embassy move, from Tel Aviv to the Israeli capital of Jerusalem, began Sunday with a large delegation led by President Donald Trump's daughter and son-in-law.

More than a decade ago, Israel built a West Bank separation barrier that slices through Arab neighborhoods in east Jerusalem, forcing tens of thousands of Palestinian residents of the city to cross crowded checkpoints to get to downtown areas.

She said as she reads the Bible she is "learning more and more that it is all about Israel".

In addition, "Tuesday is the day that's known as the Naqba or the catastrophe, when Palestinians mark the day that hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced from their homes or fled their homes", Stoffel said.

Today, more than six million Palestinian refugees reside in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and in exile. From there, smaller groups moved closer to the border fence. One of the kites was downed by a small Israeli drone.

Ivanka, a presidential adviser, and her husband, Jared Kushner, were expected to attend a gala dinner on Sunday evening ahead of the event on Monday which is due to start at 4pm local time.

Israeli officials have even argued before the country's high court that the protesters lack any rights - that army snipers are entitled to shoot them, even if facing no danger - because Israel is supposedly in a "state of war" with Gaza, defending itself.

But for more than a month, Israel has been working to manage western perceptions of the protests in ways created to discredit the outpouring of anger from Palestinians.

  • Joey Payne