Ex-Personal Lawyer of President Trump Seeks New Legal Team

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz told Business Insider on Wednesday that it appears likely that President Donald Trump's longtime lawyer is seeking an attorney who specializes in dealmaking after reportedly separating from his existing legal team.

Since then, Cohen's NY office was raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and his personal finances were exposed, revealing he took money from companies hoping to gain influence in the Trump administration. Cohen's lawyers, Stephen Ryan and Todd Harrison of McDermott, Will & Emery LLP, represented him as a court-appointed special master oversaw which documents should be kept private because of attorney-client privilege. Cohen is getting ready to hire new lawyers in the federal investigation of his business deals.

Stephanopoulos also notes in his report that the Cohen's flip could hit the White House and the president's family hard as federal prosecutors continue to search through piles of documents seized from Trump's former lawyer during an FBI raid in April.

Roughly 3.7 million files were seized in the Cohen raid and are being reviewed to determine which ones may be subject to attorney-client privilege.

According to reports, Cohen's ability to keep up the cost of the legal process he initiated was the cause of the split.

The friend, who spoke on condition of anonymity, also told Reuters that Cohen has complained that he does not feel he has received enough support from Trump in dealing with the situation.

The two later said they met through mutual friends - not Daniels or President Trump - and chose to try their hand at debate and talk show.

Federal prosecutors in NY have publicly said they are investigating alleged fraud in Cohen's business dealings, but haven't disclosed details. Cohen is under investigation for bank fraud and violating campaign-finance law.

Cohen has been referred to as President Donald Trump's pit bull, fixer, and consigliere. In a late May hearing, Wood ordered Cohen's team to complete that review by Friday. "There's also speculation that maybe Mr. Cohen needs a different type of lawyer if - lots of talk right now about Mr. Cohen cooperating with the feds in exchange for leniency if he faces a possible indictment over God knows what". Two other attorneys handled the bulk of Trump's and his organizations legal work.

  • Joey Payne