Kim summit: Singapore Mint unveils 3 commemorative medallions

Nauert also said that the United States government will not pay for the North Korea delegation's stay during Trump's meeting with Kim Jong-un, in Singapore on June 12.

Trump canceled the summit after North Korea's foreign minister criticized Vice President Mike Pence.

National security advisers are briefing Trump daily about the summit, which he wants to use as a vehicle to persuade Kim to shut down North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

Balakrishnan is the latest senior foreign official to visit the North as summit preparations heat up - last month, top diplomats from China and Russian Federation made trips to Pyongyang.

"North Korea (summit) looks like it's moving along very well".

Singapore also revoked all work permits held by North Korean citizens in March. Part of its appeal as summit host was its the fact it has one foot in the East and one in the West, as well as being modern, efficient and secure.

Sanders said that the White House "advance team" - which features military, security, technical and medical staff - were already on the ground in Singapore.

In an April interview with TMZ, Rodman said that Kim didn't understand the president until he gave the North Korean strongman a copy of Trump's ghost-written book The Art of the Deal for his birthday in 2017.

We are talking about the construction of a railroad, let's say (and, by the way, China could join these projects as well), between Russian Federation and North and South Korea.

Speaking to reporters afterwards, Mr Trump said the meeting had been a "getting to know you kind of situation" and that "the relationships are building and that's very positive".

While referencing the finalization of logistics, Sanders also commented on bilateral negotiations occurring along the North-South border between US and DPRK representatives.

"We're not paying for their expenses", she said, adding that the USA has not asked other countries to "pay for this".

"We've got so many calls and request from media everyday and I think that things are likely to further heat up as the summit nears", he added.

The red-shingled, colonial-style Capella is a five-star hotel on Sentosa Island, which boasts several resorts, hotels, two golf courses and a theme park.

  • Joey Payne