Latest Harvey Weinstein accuser questions methods of his defense attorney: Lawsuit

"Weinstein held Thompson down and raped her. Thompson closed her eyes, traumatized, praying for the assault to end".

Three women have filed a new class action lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein, including one who alleged that Weinstein raped her after she came to his office to pitch her internet startup. The first had other people present, but she was alone for the second, when Weinstein requested that she join him in his bed, and expose her breast.

"She had shared important evidence against Weinstein with the very law firm who represented Weinstein - unbeknownst to her", the lawsuit said. It became clear Weinstein wanted more than a business deal, the suit says, and Thompson went to the bathroom to escape.

They are suing Weinstein - as well as Miramax and The Weinstein Company - for assault, battery and racketeering.

The lawsuit alleges that Weinstein was supported in his sexual pursuits by film companies and dozens of workers for those companies who knew he was abusing women.

In this courtroom sketch, Harvey Weinstein, center, is escorted into New York County Criminal Court in New York on Friday, May 25, 2018.

Melissa Thompson's claim was included in a proposed class-action lawsuit in which she and two other women allege they were sexually assaulted by the disgraced film producer.

Harvey Weinstein was arrested and charged with rape last week.

Elizabeth Fegan, a partner at Hagens Berman, said "we are working to see a day of justice for the hundreds of women who were exploited for Weinstein's sexual gratification and silenced by this ring of conspirators".

Following public revelations previous year about his predatory behaviour, Thompson said she was referred to lawyer Benjamin Brafman and another attorney at his firm, Alex Spiro.

Weinstein told her the meeting would continue at the Tribeca Grand Hotel after he finished editing a movie, the complaint says.

Brafman defended Weinstein on the steps of the court house in NY last Friday after the disgraced producer was taken there in handcuffs to face charges.

"Melissa did not learn that Brafman was actually then or would later be Weinstein's lead criminal defence attorney until after turning over the video as evidence".

Through her law firm, Thompson said she was comfortable with being named publicly.

  • Marlene Weaver