Quick Take: NetEase Partners With US Game Developer Bungie

Ahead of its big year two reveal stream tomorrow, Bungie has dropped the name of its next big Destiny 2 expansion, due out in September.

The Annual Pass for Destiny 2 will include three premium content releases that will stretch into 2019, beginning in Fall 2018 with the next Expansion. One of the new game modes, previously said by Bungie to be a total "game-changer", coming to Destiny 2 is Gambit, which finds two teams of four fighting with individual groups of AI-controlled enemies.

Fans hope this September expansion will improve Destiny 2 in similar ways. The theory is tied to an endgame mission in Destiny 2 where players encounter, and can potentially make a temporary ally of, a Fallen Captain named Mithrax, The Forsaken.

This will block them from being able to collect motes until it is taken out. At launch, PlayStation gamers will get access to the following timed exclusive content: a strike, one gear set per class, a new ship and an exotic weapon. Players will also try to disrupt the other team by sending a combatant blocker or invading directly with one of their own team members.

We also have some eye-popping 8K Destiny 2: Forsaken screenshots for you.

In terms of other features there will also be nine new Supers to unlock and a new bow and arrow weapon type. However, while there will be story, it's not the same kind of cinematic driven story that they tried to deliver with the Curse of Osiris and Warmind expansions.

Another huge addition to Destiny 2: Forsaken is the Gambit mode that mixes together the PvE and PvP elements of the game. They weren't clear but said that players will change the Dreaming City as they play. Designed with what one developer called a "Western revenge vibe", Forsaken brings the Guardians to a new zone called the Tangled Shore. Bungie say it will have "More bosses than we've ever had before". The first of these is called "Black Armory", and while be available this winter, while "Joker's Wild" will be available in spring 2019 and "Penumbra" in summer 2019.

First and foremost, however, Forsaken has to focus on offering additional single-player and story-focused content if it wants to win back players who have abandoned the game.

Speaking of unannounced games, Blizzard has revealed in a job listing that it's working on a "new, unannounced Diablo project". Unfortunately, you can't log in today and check it out as it will be releasing as part of the major Forsaken expansion that was announced.

  • Fernando Stephens