Taxi crash in Moscow’s Red Square injures 8 people

Eight people, including two from Mexico, were injured Saturday when a taxi crashed into pedestrians on a sidewalk near Red Square in Moscow.

There is now no details on the condition of those who were injured.

The driver of the licensed cab, who was arrested by the police, turned out to have Kyrgyz driving license.

Another witness at the scene said of the taxi driver: "He was pulled out of the vehicle, he ran off but bystanders apprehended him". He said several people were injured and received the necessary medical assistance. He was shouting: "'It wasn't me'".

Pictures released by the Moscow Traffic Authority show the taxi came to a stop next to a knocked-down traffic sign.

The driver, a citizen of Kyrgyzstan, said he did not act on objective, according to Moscow authorities.

Asked if the driver appeared drunk, the witness said: "No, he wasn't drunk".

The accident took place on Ilinka Street, about 650 feet from Red Square and Moscow's famous GUM shopping arcade.

Russian Federation is now hosting the World Cup, and promised "unprecedented" security measures in all cities hosting the games.

  • Rosalie Stanley