Telegram says Apple has prevented it from updating since April

Mostly due to the fact that it was banned for refusing to hand over private encryption keys that would allow the Kremlin to spy on users.

Apple has one month from May 28 to remove Telegram from the App Store in Russian Federation.

For now, Telegram is still in the App Store, albeit with an out-of-date, non-GDPR-compliant version of the app.

Durov's complete statement:Unfortunately, some Telegram features, such as stickers, don't work correctly under iOS 11.4 that was just released - even though we fixed this issue weeks ago.

On Monday, Russia's communications watchdog said it had requested Apple block push notifications for Telegram users in Russia, which would mean users would not receive alerts for new messages and thus render it less useful. Telegram's inability to update its app is now affecting users worldwide, Durov wrote.

Over the past year, Apple has met with Snap Inc., Pinterest Inc. and other companies about participating in an Apple network that would distribute ads across their collective apps, the people said. Apple, according to a report this week, has one month from May 28 to comply with a request to remove it completely.

So, in one example used by the report, Snapchat users searching for the National Football League might see an advertisement for ticket re-selling apps like StubHub.

"Russia banned Telegram on its territory in April because we refused to provide decryption keys for all our users' communications to Russia's security agencies".

Contrarily to the likes of Facebook and Google, whose business models are based on knowing enough about their users to serve effective advertisements, Apple says it doesn't need to know our most intimate details.

As a result of this block, Telegram has been unable to fully comply with new GDPR rules for those in Europe, which had a deadline of May 25.

In a legally binding letter sent to Apple this week, Russian gov states: "In order to avoid possible action by Roskomnadzor for violations of the functioning of the above-mentioned Apple Inc. service, we ask you to inform us as soon as possible about your company's further actions to resolve the problematic issue", the regulator wrote.

  • Fernando Stephens