Ahead Of Summit With Putin, Trump Calls China, Russia And EU "Foes"

The president also called the European Union one of America's "foes", alongside Russian Federation and China.

Donald Trump playing golf in Scotland in 2011. He also criticized America's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation partners for not upping their military spending faster than they had already agreed to, only to later up the ante and tell them they would need to spend more of their GDP on defense - four percent - than even the USA does.

His comments follow months of Trump jabs aimed at longtime USA allies over trade policies.

Trump told Putin that he had spoken with British Prime Minister Theresa May and German Chancellor Angela Merkel "and they agree with me" about the "outrageous" nature of the video, a source told Axios.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told journalists traveling with him that he is "confident" the meeting "will put America in a better place". But Trump's statements on the issue could give Russian Federation reason to hope he might change that stance.

Trump set expectations for the summit low, telling CBS News, "I don't expect anything". "And don't say I'm attacking freedom of the press".

Taking to Twitter, President Trump blasted critics saying "all the [Democrats] know how to do is obstruct". "We want to show our support to those colleagues who have to fight in ever toughening circumstances on a daily basis, both in the USA and Russia", Nieme continued.

The Virginia senator was among the top Democrats in Congress who called for Trump to cancel his upcoming summit with Putin after the Justice Department announced the indictments. Last November, in Vietnam, they agreed to maintain open military channels of communications between their forces in Syria.

Trump's mother was an immigrant from Scotland; his father was born in NY to German immigrants. Most US officials see Putin as an unsavoury character on the world stage.

The Kremlin considers the issue of Crimea settled - it's theirs by right of referendum, they claim - and says the issue isn't on the table.

The grand jury charges shine an even brighter spotlight on Trump's treatment of Putin, who has repeatedly denied that Russian Federation sought to skew the election that Trump, a Republican, unexpectedly won.

"The collective blood pressure between the United States and Russian Federation is off-the-charts high so it's a good thing these presidents are getting together", he said.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas warned Trump against making any unilateral deals with Russian Federation that come with a cost for the United States' Western allies.

President Donald Trump called the European Union a "foe" of the U.S.in an interview that aired Sunday on CBS News' Face The Nation.

When asked by CBS if he would ask Putin to extradite the Russians to the United States, Trump said he might. Russia's constitution forbids the extradition of its own citizens.

"I hadn't thought of that", Trump said. But I certainly, I'll be asking about it, but again, this was during the Obama administration.

But Jon Huntsman, the USA ambassador to Russian Federation, said Monday's meeting "is really the first time for both presidents to actually sit across the table and have a conversation and I hope it's a detailed conversation about where we might be able to find some overlapping and shared interests".

  • Joey Payne