Bolton Claims Indictments Help Trump With Putin

With Trump set to have a closed-door meeting with Russia President Vladimir Putin on Monday, it's clear that The Donald is creating a larger divide between us and our true allies while getting closer with the leader of the same country that meddled in the 2016 presidential election. He has said he has "low expectations" for the meeting but he is under pressure to confront Putin over alleged interference by Moscow in the 2016 presidential election.

He added, "I go in with low expectations".

Trump blamed former President Barack Obama for failing to stop a dozen Russian military intelligence officers from hacking into emails belonging to the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party.

The U.S. has no extradition treaty with Moscow and can't compel Russian Federation to hand over citizens, and a provision in Russia's constitution prohibits extraditing its citizens to foreign countries.

Nearly two thirds of Germans see US President Donald Trump as a greater threat to world peace than Russian President Vladimir Putin, a survey has found.

US President Donald Trump called the European Union a "foe" of the United States in an interview that aired Sunday.

When asked Friday about relenting to Russian Federation on the status of Crimea, Mr. Trump said, "We'll see what happens" at the summit.

Trump told Glor he believes in meetings, saying having meetings with Putin, Kim Jong Un, and Xi Jinping are good.

Trump also attacked the media.

Trump declined to offer his goals for the first summit between the two world leaders, but promised that "nothing bad" would come out of it. Trump and Putin have talked previously on the sidelines of worldwide gatherings.

Several lawmakers have spoken out since the indictments for Trump to cancel the meeting, agree to bring other U.S. officials in the meeting, and to prioritize discussing campaign meddling. "Russian Federation is a foe in certain respects", he said.

Weinberg was involved in the planning of five meetings between Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, but said their team crucially overlooked the importance of those first few moments, and didn't suggest to the United States president what to say or do, which gave the Soviet Union leader the upper hand.

"Heading to Helsinki, Finland - looking forward to meeting with President Putin tomorrow", Trump tweeted. "We have asked, and the Russians have agreed, that it will be basically unstructured".

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., meanwhile, suggested that Trump not even bother to press Putin on election meddling because "he's not going to admit that he did it". Paul then attacked Blitzer's interviewing skills.

  • Joey Payne