Facebook Suspends InfoWars’ Alex Jones For 30 Days For Offensive Videos

Facebook suspended the personal profile of controversial InfoWars founder Alex Jones on Thursday, and removed four videos associated with his namesake page and that of InfoWars, a spokesperson for the social media company said. Pages maintained by Jones and Infowars have remained active because they have not crossed "a certain threshold of strikes" necessary for them to be unpublished, Facebook said.

The suspension only affects Jones' own Facebook account and not that of InfoWars', which can continue to post videos of such nature until it faces the same sort of consequences. Those people will still be able to post to Jones' page as long as their posts don't violate the site's policies - meaning that Jones could still appear in videos and stories posted to the page as long as he does not post them personally.

These measures aren't coming out of left field, as both Facebook and YouTube have taken heat for quite some time over its inaction against Jones' harmful rhetoric where he, for instance, claims that the Sandy Hook school shooting - where 20 children were murdered - was staged by actors, and that 9/11 was planned by the U.S. Government. YouTube's "strike" against Infowars means it is banned from live-streaming on the platform for 90 days. "All four videos have been removed from Facebook".

His channel, which boasts more than 2.4 million subscribers, is in danger of being removed if he receives another two "community strikes" within three months. It's unclear exactly which videos they were, but it's likely at least some were the same videos that YouTube removed from its site just days ago.

Facebook and YouTube acted after weeks of controversy over Jones, who first gained notoriety by insisting that the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, were an "inside job" by the US government. YouTube said the video had violated its policies around harassment and bullying. The suspension does not stop other page administrators from posting to his personal page or the page of Infowars. Upon re-review, Facebook chose to take down the video for its violation. So, what exactly is a 30-day block? Facebook notified Jones of his previous violations and also informed him that a 30-day ban was imminent if he violated the community standards again.

  • Joey Payne