New Orleans zoo closed after jaguar escapes, kills six animals

An escaped jaguar went on an hour-long killing spree in a zoo mauling to death six animals.

No humans were injured in the incident.

The facility was shut down as the staff dealt with the incident, but it's scheduled to reopen Sunday.

By 8:15 it had been spotted, tranquillised and returned to its enclosure by veterinary surgeons.

In this photo taken August 17, 2011, a jaguar walks in a public zoo.

Around 7:20 a.m. on Saturday morning, a male jaguar went rogue from his habitat and began making his way around the zoo's enclosures. The jaguar is housed in a location called the "Jaguar Jungle" which also houses the alpaca enclosure and other animals.

"We are still investigating how this happened.

We appreciate the overwhelming support and the many condolences from the community on social media", the zoo said in a press release.

"We care for these animals every day". It is situated in Uptown New Orleans, between Audubon Park and the Mississippi River. Unfortunately, it was doing what jaguars do'. As of this writing, it is still not known if any of the animals that were killed were from those brought into the zoo earlier this year.

The statement added it was a "difficult day for the Audubon family" and said the animal care team was "devastated" by the loss.

'We receive inspections a few times a year from Association of Zoos and Aquariums since 1981, ' Forman said.

"He's a young male jaguar", Hamilton said". In that time period, we've had over 100 million visitors to the zoo.

  • Joe Gonzales