Senate calls for more say on tariffs in bipartisan vote

Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, an outspoken supporter of Trump's steel tariffs who has blocked action on the Corker-Toomey bill giving Congress veto power on certain tariffs.

Lawmakers blasted witness Manisha Singh, assistant secretary of state for business and economic affairs, for what they say is the administration's failure to spell out a trade strategy and what they called unwarranted attacks on US allies.

The Senate voted resoundingly Wednesday to seek a congressional role in some of President Donald Trump's tariff decisions, a symbolic rebuke reflecting growing GOP alarm over the president's trade war. "But today, the Senate spoke loud and clear by overwhelmingly expressing support for our efforts to ensure Congress plays its appropriate role in the implementation of national security-designated tariffs". He said Wednesday's vote tells him "that people believe (Trump) is abusing his authorities".

Although the resolution was voted on by a majority, 11 senators voted against it, including Sen.

Even though the non-binding measure approved Wednesday does not address the most recent U.S.

Several senators said Trump was making it hard to work with allies to counter China.

"Tariffs are a tax on the American people, and as the U.S. economy and American businesses and consumers begin to feel the damaging effects of incoherent trade policy, I believe support for our legislation will only grow", Corker said in a statement, as quoted by Inside Trade.

At a committee hearing with administration officials and business leaders, members repeatedly questioned the notion that Canada poses a risk to America, as implied by Trump's use of the "section 232" national-security provision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum from Canada and other countries. "We will continue to push for a binding vote and are hopeful one will be scheduled in the near future". The White House has launched an investigation into whether tariffs on auto imports should be imposed under the same law.

Before the vote, a group affiliated with billionaire industrialist Charles Koch said it supported the measure - another indication of how the issue has divided free-trade Republicans from Trump supporters who say other countries have taken advantage of the United States under the current system. Speaking on Trump's latest tariffs against China, Inhofe said Trump is working toward a larger goal.

But Corker said it's hard to tell what the White House really has in mind.

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