Trump takes no stand on Crimea

The two leaders "will meet on July 16, 2018, in Helsinki, Finland", White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders had said adding that "the two leaders will discuss relations between the United States and Russian Federation and a range of national security issues".

"So I think it still raises the question, I think the president will want to have a conversation about this and say we don't want to see meddling in the 2018 election", he added. Graham said he is glad the two are meeting but expressed fears that Trump won't truly confront Russian President Vladimir Putin on Syria and ISIS during their upcoming July 16 summit meeting in Helsinki, Finland. "Germany has to spend more money, Spain, France, it's not fair what they've done to the United States", he said, adding that the U.S. is paying much more disproportionately to anyone else. "Putin was pretty clear with me about it and my response was we're going to have to agree to disagree on Ukraine".

Peskov also said Putin was ready to move towards normalizing ties with the United States in proportion to USA willingness to do the same.

Trump's refusal to reaffirm the long-standing USA opposition to Russia's intervention in Ukraine will dismay European allies ahead of next month's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit.

Russian Federation denies any interference in the 2016 elections, though USA intelligence agencies have concluded otherwise. "Let them discuss these issues and see exactly where there might be room for progress or where we find there is no room at all".

Trump was noncommittal when asked if he might lift sanctions imposed on Russian Federation, telling reporters: "We'll see what Russian Federation does".

When he finished, Wallace said, "Well, you say some of the things that we listed, these were all obviously reported, some of them were clearly true".

A live studio audience for the panel began laughing and clapping following the analyst's joke about Russian Federation electing Mr Trump to the White House.

At the Singapore Summit, 'Kim Jong-Un said to me: The two of us have to get a picture together.

Senator Lindsey Graham said everything he blasted Obama for doing wrong in the Middle East Trump may do be doing even worse.

The Obama administration, along with the European Union and individual allied countries, imposed sanctions on Russian Federation over Crimea, and even members of Trump's Cabinet have said they will not be lifted until the situation is resolved.

The July 16 US-Russia summit in Helsinki could reset a relationship dogged by decades of unsafe rivalry.

  • Joey Payne