Australia’s ‘accidental prime minister’ Scott Morrison promises stability

Australia's next Prime Minister Scott Morrison (right) speaks next to Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party Josh Frydenberg during their press conference at Parliament House in Canberra on Friday.

During a three-way vote, whoever comes last in the first round will be eliminated with a second round taking place to decide who becomes leader.

Australians, it said "have had enough of politicians putting their own self-interest ahead of the people they are elected to represent".

It is understood the Treasurer will run against Dutton's for the Liberal leadership, with Turnbull's announcement a vote could happen tomorrow now allowing Morrison more time to get the votes he needs.

"We will provide the stability and the unity and the direction and the objective that the Australian people expect of us", Morrison told reporters.

If the meeting votes to vacant the leadership, Turnbull said he will not contest the ballot, leaving Dutton a confirmed candidate, with the country's treasurer and foreign minister also likely to nominate.

The political instability could damage Australia's standing on the world stage, Shorten warned.

Turnbull said the public would be "crying out" for an election because Australians would be "rightly appalled" by what they were witnessing in Parliament this week.

"It was described as madness by many, so far as there has been chaos this week, it has been created by the wreckers".

Despite his country's track record, Morrison has promised stability for Australia's political future.

Morrison said on Saturday his first official visit as prime minister would be to the drought-stricken state of Queensland next week.

One minister was so disillusioned with the push to oust Turnbull that he took to Twitter to apologize to the Australian people.

US President Donald Trump did not mince his words with previous Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull. MR Morrison said the rest of his Cabinet would be sworn in next week.

"As it stands, the Liberal Party rules states that only two members of the parliamentary party can bring about a leadership spill, and as we've seen last week, once the action is put in motion, it can rarely be stopped", Senator Duniam said in a statement.

He built his reputation in the party as a tough but effective operator when he took on the immigration portfolio from 2013-14, implementing the controversial "Operation Sovereign Borders" to stop asylum-seekers arriving in Australia by boat.

They backgrounded media supporters at Sky News that a party room meeting was definitely on, that Turnbull was finished, that Mathias Cormann had resigned, that ministers were bailing out left and right, so to speak.

Morrison has a reputation as a powerbroker within the Liberal Party whose support has been crucial to previous party leaders.

"Morrison is a social and economic conservative and has strong religious convictions".

  • Joey Payne