#GamingBytes: How to install Fortnite on your Android phone?

At present, the only way for gamers to download Fortnite on Android is to download the game directly from Epic Games' website. Epic has also added a brand new Heavy Sniper weapon available in Epic and Legendary variants and which can be found and picked up in various locations.

The Save the World mode has a new set of weekly Horde Challenges and a new hero called Thora is joining the game. There have also been changes made to the Sniper Shootout, giving Battle Royale lovers the chance to show off those sweet aim skills and boast that heavy power.

There are two new limited time modes announced in these patch notes as well which are Sniper Shooter, where plays will be allowed to use only sniper rifles, and Soaring 50s that is described as "a twist on the traditional 50 vs 50 mode, featuring an extra emphasis on mobility".

Each shot delivers devastating damage at the cost of a long reload. That's where Fortnite's Limited Time Modes come into play and the latest update brings something new and something even better. Gliders can be re-deployed when falling from large heights. Gliders can be redeployed when leaping from high points, as well as bounce pads, launch pads, and impulse grenades becoming more common.

Profile Stats (K/D & Wins) are not tracked in this mode.

The Heavy Sniper Rifle has been added.

As such, the only weapons dropped are Sniper Rifles and floor loot spawns are reduced by 50%.

Projectiles fired from the Heavy Sniper have less bullet drop in comparison to other Snipers.

Features bulletproof enemies that must be defeated with melee weapons, traps, or Hero abilities.

Fortnite is available on PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile platforms.

  • Fernando Stephens