Gmail introduces 'Confidential Mode' for sensitive mobile messages

"Confidential mode is now available on mobile devices and can help you protect sensitive information from unauthorized access", Gmail tweeted on Wednesday. Though, the Gmail app hasn't received any new tools yet.

Even after you've set an expiration date for an email, you can remove access to it early. Messages sent with the Gmail Confidential Mode can come with expiration dates, ability to revoke access, as well as restrictions.

Putting your email in Confidential Mode only takes a few steps. You can specify for how long the email should be accessible to the recipient before it's disappeared.

In the Gmail app, tap Menu and then Sent. Open the app and click on compose button to create a new email. Lastly, the confidential mode also allows the users to secure the attachments of their mail by a passcode.

Press the toggle switch next to the Confidential Mode option to enable the feature. Then tap on three vertical dots at top right corner and elect the Confidential mode. Google's Support Page warns that recipients with malicious programs set on their computer will be able to copy or download the messages or attachments.

Confidential emails are the emails that self-destruct after a given length of time.

For the time being, SMS-based passcodes are only available for users in North America, Europe, India, Japan and South America.

Need to send a top-secret message?

Sending and receiving confidential documents is now a lot safer while using Gmail.

SMS-based pass codes are the only option if your recipient is using a Gmail account, recipients using another email service can receive either SMS or email pass codes. The users will not face any issue opening those messages. One of the key highlights, Confidential Mode, is now accessible for cell phones, however not every person is as sure about its capacity to keep your information private. This can be helpful in protecting information, but make sure you don't lock anything that needs to be downloaded.

  • Fernando Stephens