Google launches Android Pie for Pixel phones

While you are waiting for the download to complete, you can always take some time to read the thoughts of the Essential team about the new update. Android Pie is now rolling out to Pixel devices, plus the Essential Phone. It's as we feared: The Galaxy Note 9 will be launched after Android 9.0 has been released, though it's not like this isn't something we expect every year when a new Note flagship arrives. The update is now rolling out over the air to Pixel phones, and it's also available as a factory image or OTA image if you'd prefer to update that way. Other devices - even those that received the Android P beta - are not yet supported, and will get their own separate updates from their respective manufacturers down the line. The file highlighted is the relevant Android 9 Pie image for the Pixel 2 XL. New adaptive battery and display features won't be immediately noticeable, but could make a big difference over time.

If you hop into the app switcher and then realize you want to exit it, either swipe down from the dock (the shaded area near the bottom) or tap the back button that appears to the left of the home pill.

Another new feature is Adaptive Brightness, which learns "how you like to set the brightness in different settings, and does it for you".

"And when you put in headphones after work, you may see options to call your mom or start your favorite Spotify playlist". "Digital Wellbeing will officially launch on Pixel phones this fall, with Android One and other devices coming later this year". We hope so, because that's what Google is serving up today.

"In fact, over 70 percent of people we talked to in our research said they want more help with this".

Google's focus with the new version of Android was to have the operating system react more intelligently to users by learning about their habits and automatically adapting the battery, brightness, and apps to suit their needs depending on where they are and what time it is. The digital wellness features are all still in beta, and won't be included when you get the update.

  • Fernando Stephens