HUD implements nationwide smoking ban in public housing

It gave all public housing authorities until the end of this month, July 31, to come up with a smoke-free policy.

The ban includes cigarettes, pipes, cigars and water pipe tobacco (hookahs).

She'll now have to walk farther to light up-at least 25 feet away from building entrances and not inside her apartment.

Beginning Tuesday, smoking in and around the more than 900,000 public housing units is now prohibited. FWHS adopted its policy in September 2017 and it affects its two public housing properties, Butler Place Apartments and Cavile Place Apartments. "The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that although eight in 10 multiunit housing residents had smoke-free homes, about one-third of those residents reported experiencing secondhand smoke that involuntarily entered their home from other areas on their building".

"This HUD rule is estimated to save somewhere between $95 million in health care costs".

That policy started when HUD sent out a survey to public housing agencies across the country. Not to mention, they estimate it will save public housing agencies $153 million in costs related to healthcare and repairs.

Because the rule is a part of tenant's leases, residents of Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority communities must sign a lease addendum between July 20 and July 30.

HUD said the new policy would reduce health hazards from secondhand smoke and encourage residents to quit smoking.

NYCHA said the goal is to "not terminate tenancy but to provide information and expand access to resources should residents want to quit smoking".

"I'm an adult and I feel like I am being treated like a child when you tell me I can't smoke if I choose to smoke", West said.

  • Aubrey Nash