Sacha Baron Cohen Tries To Goad 'Lady Killer' O.J

Sacha Baron Cohen's jarring Who Is America concluded Sunday without airing a much talked-about interview with former Alaska governor and Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Cohen begins the interview by explaining to his character's girlfriend Christina who Simpson is, regaling his exploits on the football field and movie screen.

In the episode, OJ sits down for an interview with Gio Monaldo, an alleged Italian billionaire playboy (actually Baron Cohen in prosthetics and a ponytail, ofc).

The two are hanging in a hotel room when Monaldo introduces Simpson to Christina, who has a hard time recognizing who he is - until Monaldo mimics stabbing her, in a reference to Nicole Brown Simpson's 1994 murder.

"Me and you, we got something in common". "She knows that", Simpson said.

"Well, first of all, she wasn't my wife", Simpson responded.

"Maybe I send her on a bungee jump - oops, the cord!"

Finally, Cohen's character says his business partner would like a one-on-one meeting with Simpson.

"She's gorgeous, but sometimes I want to kill her", Monaldo told Simpson.

After an awkward moment, Simpson told Gio to "stop".

Later, "Gio" says he wants to meet O.J.

In case you are a mere tween, totally ignorant or were fortunately sheltered from the heart-wrenching spectacle of the OJ Simpson case, we'll sum it up briefly.

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen appeared in two films in 2016 and then disappeared from screens for two years, laying dormant as he planned his next move.

Nearly immediately, Simpson pushed back and insisted that he's innocent (he was acquitted of Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman's murders in 1995).

Simpson, again laughing, waved off the suggestion, saying, "No, I didn't kill nobody".

Stop the planet, I want to get off.

Last year, Simpson was released from prison on parole after spending a decade behind bars in relation to a Las Vegas armed robbery.

Simpson was found liable for the killings in 1997 and ordered by a California civil court jury to pay $33.5 million to victims' families.

  • Marlene Weaver