The OnePlus 6T Will Reportedly Be Sold Through T-Mobile for $550

OnePlus will reportedly still sell an unlocked variant of the 6T, but the T-Mobile version will be optimized for the carrier's network. The smartphone will also be sold via T-Mobile stores. T-Mobile will be OnePlus' first United States carrier partner, marking a significant milestone in the company's ongoing efforts to gain market share. Now, we are not sure how accurate this is, but rumors have pointed to a similar time-frame for the launch of the new OnePlus smartphone.

If this report proves to be true, it'll mark the first time a OnePlus device made it to a USA carrier.

When a customer walks into a T-Mobile store to buy a new phone, the OnePlus 6T's price tag, specs, and design are likely to be a tempting option compared to pricier devices on display.

OnePlus' "T" line of hardware usually launches around 6 months after the company's last mainline flagship.

However, if the response to OnePlus on T-Mobile is unignorable, CDMA carriers will have to at least consider working with the phone startup to get their devices certified for their networks just to remain competitive. As much as 90 percent of smartphones sold in the USA are purchased through carrier channels. CEO of OnePlus said that the company is working on introducing smartphones sold by USA carriers. And why shouldn't it, the company makes flagship killer phones that can take on the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S9, Apple iPhone X, etc, and sells it for half the price. Basically, the OnePlus 6T will cost much more than its predecessor. Now we know that those discussions were with T-Mobile and - so far, anyway - the discussions were successful.

If the OnePlus 6T is indeed being planned for October, we should see OnePlus start teasing the device in the coming weeks. Finally, OnePlus could also increase the battery size, and add even faster charging support that could be called "Warp Charge".

  • Fernando Stephens