Trump revokes security clearance of former Central Intelligence Agency director and frequent critic

The White House looked into revoking Brennan's clearance after he accused Trump of "treason" for meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin last month.

Sanders denied that the move was in response to Brennan's criticism; many Trump critics, including Democratic lawmakers, asserted that it was.

According to The New York Times, more than 4 million people have security clearance, and more than a million have top secret clearance.

Former CIA Director John Brennan participates in the Senate Intelligence Committee's hearing on worldwide threats, Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016, on Capitol Hill in Washington.

He tweeted on Wednesday that the decision was "part of a broader effort by Mr. Trump to suppress freedom of speech & punish critics". "I'm going to continue to speak out".

"I don't plan to stop speaking when I'm asked my views on this administration", said Clapper on CNN.

James Comey, the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director. He expected Hillary Clinton to play that role (were it ever to be needed), and that seemed to be solidly in the cards. Trump believes the investigation was handled unfairly because of what he alleges is political bias against him at the FBI.

Brennan spread the claims from the dossier to the Gang of Eight, the Congress members privy to classified information. "It's short-sighted, because it seeks to change the narrative away from the Manafort trial and additional revelations of the President's heinous statements - but it only adds to the narrative of a man who breaks norms and possibly laws as he thinks it serves him". "In a democracy, security clearances should not be used as pawns in a petty political game to distract voters from even bigger problems".

Former intelligence officials often maintain security clearance in case they need to be consulted on various matters pertaining to national security. He's also been critical of the president. In its announcement, the White House did not point to any specific evidence that Brennan had divulged classified information - furthering the notion that the president was simply engaging in retaliation. The former officials' accusations of improper contact between Russian Federation interests and aides to Trump during the 2016 campaign also spurred Trump to act. Last December she tweeted, "The FBI is in "tatters"? No". But he's spent 72 years following a rule of "counterpunching" and it's brought him wealth and the presidency.

This list of names included James Comey, James Clapper, Susan Rice, Michael Hayden and Peter Strzok. The former Central Intelligence Agency director accused the president of being "dangerous to our nation", called Trump "the most divisive president we have ever had in the Oval Office" and claimed Trump "will never understand what it means to be president".

The agency's inspector general, he added, concluded that they had.

Trump then pointed to other investigators who worked on the Russian Federation probe and the investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server.

Photos of Robert Mueller and Donald Trump.

One theory popular among Democrats this afternoon for why Brennan's clearance was revoked today is that Trump is trying to "distract" from the Omarosa trainwreck.

Page is the former Federal Bureau of Investigation lawyer who exchanged anti-Trump text messages with Strzok.

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