Watch Nvidia unveil its newest GeForce graphics cards live right here

At NVIDIA's pre-Gamescom event and keynote in Germany, the company announced a new set of graphics cards meant to deliver the "ultimate PC gaming experience".

Pre-orders are live for both the RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti at retailers like Nvidia's website and Amazon.

The new GPUs, based on an architecture codenamed Turing, merge conventional graphics rasterisation, real-time ray tracing, AI, and compute power for the first time.

Also included is support for real-time ray tracing, a technology that allows for more cinematic and realistic rendering for animation or video games, thanks to Nvidia's Turing architecture.

Part of how the new chip achieves high resolution graphics quickly is a special section of the chip that finishes most of the image but then uses artificial intelligence to guess what the unfinished pixels should look like. In terms of ray tracing power, they can push out 8 and 10 Gigarays per second respectively, or 60 trillion and 78 trillion RTX operations per second. At least one source suggests that the RTX 2080 could start at $600, which is the same price that the GTX 1080 launched at back in 2016. It will roll out with a 215W TDP. A cheaper model, the RTX 2070, will be available for $499, but won't arrive until October.

The cards are the first time ray tracing is available to every day consumers.

The last card is the GeForce RTX 2070 that will cost $599, with 2304 CUDA cores and the same 8GB of GDDR6 as the RTX 2080. Nvidia's new Founders Edition design features two fans rather than the company's previous blower-style cooler.

Nvidia will sell the new RTX cards through partners such as Asus, EVGA, and Gigabyte. These cards also feature USB Type-C connectors on the rear in support of the upcoming VirtualLink standard to deliver power as well as graphics to VR headsets with a single cable.

  • Fernando Stephens