Amazon is reportedly baking Alexa into a microwave this year

And yes, one of them will be a microwave oven.

The upcoming product roster includes home entertainment gear like an amplifier, a receiver, and a subwoofer.

Amazon's digital assistant Alexa is already able to help you with all sorts of tasks from shopping at Whole Foods to running your kitchen.

Amazon will reportedly hold an event sometime later this year to reveal the devices to the world. Speaking at the IFA trade show in Berlin earlier this month, Daniel Rausch, vice president of smart home at Amazon, said the company's vision for Alexa was to create something similar to the Star Trek computer - something anyone could use anywhere and in a natural way.

Amazon plans to release a slew of devices with its personal assistant Alexa by the end of this year, at least according to a new report leaking the alleged plan.

All of the rumored devices would have Alexa built in, or have easy access to the virtual assistant (likely over an Internet connection).

Regardless, for Amazon, getting Alexa into your microwave is about more than just cooking burritos and popcorn more convenient.

There's also a device to bring Alexa into your vehicle, though CNBC doesn't have much info on what that will look like. It has also strengthened the smart speaker market, which is expected to be touch $30 billion by 2024.

These products mark Amazon's first move into the home appliances space, putting it in direct competition with companies like Sonos SONO and GE GE. Now, it seems Amazon is hoping to take things a step further with a clutch of new devices. This is Amazon preparing to push into all of your home electronics and appliances. The company is reported to be working on a secretive home robot, as well, according to Bloomberg.

To that end, Amazon acknowledges an emphasis on partnering with kid-friendly developers, and says that names such as Hasbro and WowWee Group Limited are already on board.

'There are now tens of thousands of developers across more than 150 countries building new devices using the Alexa Voice Service, and the number of Alexa-enabled devices has more than tripled in the previous year'.

  • Fernando Stephens