Cops identify mom who brought baby on high-speed chase

- A woman driving an SUV with a baby on board led police on a high-speed chase through San Antonio on June 15, before crashing into another vehicle, running away from the scene with a baby, and attempting to hijack another auto.

Losing control of the vehicle, she crashed into another auto, before grabbing the baby in a auto seat and trying to escape.

The footage was released on Friday by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The woman, identified by police as 29-year-old Catilyn Rodriguez, is seen pulling a baby out of the back of the crashed SUV she was driving before jogging across a busy street.

Once they made sure the child was clear of the vehicle, police handcuffed Rodriguez and brought her in to answer for her previous crimes and the events of that day.

She struggles to carry the vehicle seat and runs in front of a auto as she crosses the road.

Another officer removes the uninjured baby and places the auto seat on the pavement.

A clip shared August 31 in a Public Safety Commission meeting, ends with her being removed from the vehicle and taken into custody.

The woman ran with the child through traffic after crashing into another vehicle.

She then allegedly tried to carjack another vehicle by jumping into the passenger's seat while still carrying the baby, officials said.

According to TXDPS, Rodriguez had outstanding warrants and fled after a DPS trooper conducted a traffic stop.

Video shows Rodriguez in a Mercedes SUV speeding down Highway 90. The infant was not harmed in the incident and was released to the care of Child Protective Services, authorities said.

  • Joey Payne