Dez Bryant critical of Cowboys, wants to sign for Patriots or Redskins

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is still without a squad after the team released him months ago, but that hasn't stopped him from giving his opinion on the team during the game.

While he took several shots at his former team, Bryant did say he wouldn't be doing so on a weekly basis. As he tends to, Bryant was responding to a number of tweets, and from a New England perspective there was one that stood out quite a bit.

Bryant wrote that if he lined up alongside Rob Gronkowski, Chris Hogan, and Julian Edelman, defenses would be forced to cover him with a one-on-one matchup - "plus I won't be getting criticized [and] controlled for expressing my love for the game".

The 29-year-old also appeared to have little sympathy for Cowboys offensive coordinator Scott Linehan after a hard outing for his offence.

The Dallas Cowboys' passing game essentially disappeared in Sunday's Week 1 loss to the Panthers.

In a Twitter rant in training camp, Bryant mentioned "garbage-ass" playcalling.

Whether Bill Belichick makes the leap to go for Bryant or not remains to be seen, but if New England came calling, it appears the 29-year-old would answer.

Bryant turned down an offer from the Ravens not long after he was cut. He spoke with the Browns during training camp, but the sides could not reach a deal, though that could be revisited.

Shortly after tweeting that he'll be "pursuing football again shortly", Bryant said he'd prefer to play for a team like the Patriots than going back to the Cowboys.

However, he said he wasn't begging for a job.

  • Rosalie Stanley