Google Home Hub leak reveals a tablet fused with a smart speaker

The new report reveals that the USP of the Home Hub will be its screen. Amazon and Google flooded the market with low-priced devices like the Echo Dot and Google Home Mini, letting shoppers try voice tech at home for as little as $25.

No launch date has been leaked, but seeing how the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is expected to launch next month, it's very likely that we'll be hearing about the device then. This is Google's rival to the Amazon Echo Show, and looks like it will behave similar to Google's other Smart Display devices by adding a visual layer onto the Assistant. Even if it is, we're told that this isn't running Android, and is purely an interface to show Google Assistant images - like when you use the virtual assistant on your phone.

While the Echo Wall Clock can use its clock face to display any timers a user now has running.

Dave Limp, Amazon senior vice president of devices and services, demoed the new product on stage with a potato, showing how the microwave can be activated with your voice. The screen will show essential information like weather, daily commute and schedule details, and the time. There is a large full-range speaker and a mute toggle present behind this display. Besides this, there will also be a Charcoal variant according to the specification page.

Moving away from hi-fi and more into home cinema, we have the Fire TV Recast, a companion DVR device that lets you watch, record and replay free over-the-air programming to any Fire TV, Echo Show, and on compatible Fire tablet and smartphones. Just like Google Assistant, you'll be able to add anything to your calendar, or make a shopping list, make calls to family, friends, or businesses.

Google's latest smart speakers will support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi connection. Ambient light sensors are available as well which will allow the display to automatically adjust its brightness. The new model also has a new 5MP front facing camera for HD video calls. Besides the Pixel 3, a Pixelbook 2 is a good option, and with the launch of Google's Smart Display software on third-party hardware earlier this year, it seems inevitable that we'll soon see a first-party Google Smart Display. For comparison purposes, the 8-inch Lenovo Smart Display is now the cheapest one for only $199 while its 10-inch JBL Link View with stereo speaker is available for $249. The big question will revolve around how Amazon plans to deploy Alexa into more places.

  • Fernando Stephens