'HORRIFIC SITUATION': 4 dead in downtown Cincinnati bank shooting

He lived about 15 miles west of Cincinnati in the town of North Bend, Ohio, since at least 2015, Isaac said.

A gunman opened fire at a bank in downtown Cincinnati Thursday morning, killing three people and injuring several more before he was also fatally shot.

Witnesses said they heard volleys of gunfire and one said that a woman was shot as she entered the bank building's lobby.

The shooter who killed three people in the lobby of a downtown Cincinnati office high-rise could have killed many more if his gun hadn't jammed during the four-minute rampage, city leaders said Friday.

The city's police chief, Eliot Isaac, said he could not confirm local media reports that the gunman was a disgruntled employee of the bank, and said he had no information that the victims were targeted. One of the victims died at the scene.

Officials said they stopped an active shooter in downtown Cincinnati after engaging him in a gun battle.

The carnage unfolded in Fountain Square, a popular venue populated by office buildings, restaurants and retail stores.

He says it "could have been much, much worse" if not for the immediate police response to end the threat.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports Yudy Martinez Perez slumped against a kitchen wall and muttered denials after she heard the news.

"She walked in the door and he shot her", Cain said.

The incident remains under investigation, and the gunman has not been identified. Streets and sidewalks around Fountain Square were closed.

"We prepare for situations like these and hope they never happen", said Amanda Nageleisen, UC Health spokeswoman.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) in a tweet said he has spoken with the city's mayor and will provide any resources needed to local police. Perez hit some of his victims multiple times, according to Isaac.

"So I took my headphones out and people were running away from the square and I peered around and about 30 seconds later I heard about five to 10 more gunshots and cops just started running toward the building".

Jessica Hanson, who works on one of the lower floors, said a co-worker had taken the elevator down to get a drink, and when the doors opened, she almost stepped on a man's body. A phalanx of police officers and ambulances rushed to the scene at the height of morning rush.

Emergency personnel and police respond to a reported active shooter situation near Fountain Square, Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018, in Cincinnati. "We didn't know where to go because we didn't have a backdoor", she told reporters. "The shots got closer and closer and closer and closer and that's all you can think about is, I'm next, I'm next, I'm next", Janetta Cook, a bakery worker, was quoted by CNN saying.

  • Joey Payne