Iowa Democrats announce Cory Booker as keynote speaker for fall gala

Democrats pointed, for example, to a 2003 email that had been marked "committee confidential" in which Kavanaugh wrote: "I am not sure that all legal scholars refer to Roe as the settled law of the land at the Supreme Court level since Court can always overrule its precedent, and three current Justices on the Court would do so".

Senators on the Judiciary Committee are likely to vote on Kavanaugh's confirmation on September 20 with a vote by the full Senate the following week.

Regarding your editorial "The Kavanaugh Hazing" (Sept. 4): The Democrats charge that Judge Brett Kavanaugh plans to elevate executive power over power of the legislature and judiciary and therefore will be inclined to protect President Trump if Robert Mueller's investigation concludes that Mr. Trump committed a crime.

With Republicans holding a slim 51 to 49 majority in the Senate, it appears unlikely that efforts to defeat the Kavanaugh nomination will succeed.

In the coming weeks, as the final vote for Kavanaugh's confirmation draws near, the handful of Democrats on the fence who are in a potential political bind depending on how they vote will begin to maker their positions known. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska probably would have to both vote "no" for Kavanaugh to be blocked. If approved by the full Senate, Kavanaugh would fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy.

"Like many of my brothers and sisters of color, I am not comforted by deputies with handguns, let alone assault rifles", she opined, which leads one to wonder whether Miss Eastmond and her media coaches have really thought through what would happen in, say, Chicago, if we disarmed the police.

The memo, tucked toward the end of almost 10,000 pages released Friday, provides greater insight into Kavanaugh's views on executive power that are expected to feature prominently in his Senate confirmation hearings.

Without referencing him by name, President Donald Trump described Booker's treatment of Kavanaugh as foolish.

Among the speakers at the press conference was Marcus Sibley, communications director for the state conference of the NAACP, who called Kavanaugh a "danagerous ideologe", Sibley said the NAACP had opposed Kavanaugh when he was fisrt appointed as a federal judge.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) questioned Kavanaugh about the email Thursday, asking him to clarify what he meant by it.

Schumer highlighted Kavanaugh's answers about his work more than a decade ago, as White House counsel during the George W. Bush administration. "I'm confident he'll be confirmed", McConnell told reporters in Louisville, Ky., adding that he believes Kavanaugh did a "spectacular job" during his hearing before the Judiciary Committee last week.

Also on Friday, Kennebunk High School sophomore Hunter Lachance, 15, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about Kavanaugh's stance on air quality.

White House spokesman Raj Shah said in a statement that Leahy's assertion shows "just how desperate he is to smear Judge Kavanaugh's stellar reputation".

If confirmed, Kavanaugh is seen as likely to tilt the top USA court even further to the right. Under rules changes announced by majority leader Mitch McConnell in 2017, supreme court nominees can be advanced on a simple majority vote. Booker asked previously, Kavanaugh said, "the independence of the judiciary requires that I not commit" to participating or not participating in a case.

Booker's threat to release the emails prompted committee chair John Cornyn of Texas to read a rule stating that Booker could be dismissed from the Senate if he did so. "We will fight this confirmation", he said.

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