Protesters interrupt Kavanaugh confirmation hearing for second day

Kamala Harris, D-Calif., confer as Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh testifies before the committee Wednesday during his confirmation hearings.

That prompted a complaint from Republicans that Booker can't "cross-examine somebody about a document you cannot see". Aside from declining to weigh in on a possible presidential pardon and subpoena, he did not say he would recuse himself from cases involving the President, noting that doing so would potentially impede his judicial independence. Durbin and other Democrats have said that they felt misled by Kavanaugh's denial and said they hoped that full disclosure of the documents would reveal more about his role. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) demanded. Still, he began his long day in the witness chair by declaring that "no one is above the law".

Though Wednesday's hearing was less acrimonious than Tuesday's, it remained tense, with the shouts from protesters at times interrupting the proceedings.

Trump nominated Kavanaugh, 53, to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, who announced his retirement on June 27. He said he "saw some incredible answers to very complex questions".

Evidence has emerged, the report said, that one protester "may have been coerced into her activism with cold, hard cash".

The Democrats weren't the only ones who recognized the importance of questions about Trump and the Russian Federation investigation.

"That takes some backbone", he said of the justices who decided those cases.

"As a matter of the canons of judicial independence, I can't give you an answer to that hypothetical question", he responded.

Supporters of abortion rights fear Mr Kavanaugh could provide the decisive fifth vote on the nine-seat court to overturn the 1973 ruling.

After a day of disputes with his Democratic colleagues, Sen.

Klobuchar also raised the issue of antitrust law, a subject that has come up frequently in healthcare with the increasing advent of health system consolidation. But if he did, he said, he never told Kavanaugh how he had gained access to them.

"Respect for precedent is important".

For a real guy rooted in the real world, Kavanaugh seemed alienated from anything like a common-sense approach to key constitutional issues affecting real people.

If confirmed, the conservative appeals court judge would be expected to tilt the court's balance to the right.

"As a general proposition, I understand the importance of the precedent set forth in Roe V. Wade", Kavanaugh replied, reciting the precedents established in Roe as well is in Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

Kavanaugh defended his dissenting opinion past year in the case of a pregnant immigrant teen in federal custody.

After questions about laws protecting minorities' voting rights, she also pressed Kavanaugh on whether he agrees with Trump's claim that "both sides" were to blame for the violence in Charlottesville past year.

Kavanaugh said he had known nothing about the allegations until they were disclosed past year. George Washington himself, Judge Kavanaugh noted, once asked the Supreme Court for advice (about a British brig, the Little Sarah, that we'd seized). They say those could shed light on his views about policies from that era, including the detention and interrogation of terror suspects.

Republicans also have released some but not all of the existing documents concerning Kavanaugh's two years as a lawyer in the White House Counsel's office prior to becoming staff secretary. Many are being held as confidential within the committee.

The hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee have been marred by interruptions inside and outside - including 70 arrests and scores of disruptions on Tuesday.

Kavanaugh said he was not involved.

And the stage is this week's Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. In both instances, the party in narrow control of the Senate breached history and protocol to achieve partisan ends and ensure a Republican majority on the court perhaps for another two generations.

"The Democrats are focused on procedural issues because they don't have substantive points strong enough to derail this nomination", said Sen.

  • Joe Gonzales