Twitter bans Alex Jone, Infowars permanently today - includes Periscope platform

For what it's worth, I bet Rubio could take Jones, a belief based on the time that Jones backed down after confronting Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks. From there, Jones describes Rubio as "snake-like" and calls him a "little frat boy".

Ultimately, Rubio left to go back to the hearing while reporters asked Jones some questions.

"Don't touch me man", Rubio told Jones.

"You want me to get arrested?"

Rubio turned and faced Jones: "Who are you man?"

"Oh he'll beat me up", Jones retorted. "I'll take care of you myself", warned Rubio, as Jones mocked him.

Jones said something inaudible about being "arrested". Marco Rubio as the Florida Republican answered reporters' questions in a hallway. "A little frat boy here".

Jones is the publisher of Infowars, a media outlet that has been criticized for peddling conspiracy theories, including that the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 did not happen and was staged by the government.

InfoWars host Alex Jones showed up to Facebook and Twitter's meeting with Congress Wednesday.

The controversial radio host's appearance at the Senate hearing comes after Facebook, Apple, YouTube and Spotify took down material published by Jones, reflecting more aggressive enforcement of their hate speech policies after rising online backlash and raising pressure on Twitter to do the same. "I don't know who you are".

At this point Jones touched Rubio on the shoulder, in an apparent attempt to keep the senator's attention.

When Rubio continues to ignore him, Jones calls out again, "I wonder why Rubio got so mad at me and threatened me physically".

"You are censoring conservatives, and I am asking you, President Donald Trump, to help us", she shouted, bringing the hearing to a sharp halt. You're not gonna get arrested.

Before Facebook and Twitter's congressional hearing, Jones held his own press conference. When Rubio went back to speaking with reporters, Jones again interrupted.

Family members of some of the victims are suing Jones for defamation.

Rubio eventually ended the gaggle to return to committee, leaving the reporters to "talk to this clown".

  • Joey Payne