US FDA targets e-cigarettes over 'epidemic' of underage use

In addition to JUUL, 4 other vape companies face the FDA's ultimatum: Vuse, Blue, Markten XL, and Logic (who collectively make up 97% of the USA e-cig market).

STEIN: So FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb says he's become convinced that e-cigarette use among kids has reached epidemic proportions.

The agency sent letters to Juul, along with other popular e-cigarette brands-as well as to over 1,100 retailers-demanding that they prove that e-cigaretts will stop being sold to the young folks.

In addition to these new actions, the FDA had previously issued more than 60 warning letters and fines to businesses that sold JUUL brand products to minors stemming from another enforcement blitz in the spring.

"It's really addictive", teenager Emma Hudd said. The FDA should also be moving to remove all flavored tobacco products from the market - unless a manufacturer shows that they help adults switch completely from cigarettes and do not attract youth - which is clearly not the case for the most popular products now on the market. The agency also has issued more than 135 No-Tobacco-Sale Order Complaints, which can result in retailers being prohibited from selling tobacco products for specified time periods.

Health advocates have anxious about the popularity of vaping products among kids and the potential impact on smoking rates in the future.

It recognized the impact this might have on the use of these products by adults trying to stop smoking, but said that emerging research shows that action must be taken.

"The FDA should immediately move to regulate flavored e-cigarettes, instead of waiting until 2022, as it is now planning to do", Bloomberg said in a statement.

Three stores in Arkansas were fined $279 for sales of tobacco or e-cigarette products to minors.

[The FDA's approach] calls to mind the predictably lazy federal approach to firearms regulation: Rather than do the hard work of running down street dealers and straw buyers, the ATF and the anti-gun lobby concentrate their efforts on firearms makers and licensed gun dealers, because it is easier to police the law-abiding than it is to police criminals.

However, he seemed reluctant to give up on flavored nicotine, because he said it appeals to adult cigarette smokers. It also found that e-cigarettes were the most commonly used tobacco product among middle and high school students for the fourth year in a row in 2017. "We can not allow a whole new generation to become addicted to nicotine". "And if they are under 18 or they don't have their ID, they have to immediately leave the store", says Allison Vandeveld, Director of Operations at Vapin USA.

"The legal standard for FDA premarket review of a new tobacco product includes consideration of whether the product would be appropriate for the protection of the public health".

Shares of Altria MO rose more than 7 percent and British American Tobacco BATS-GB rose about 6 percent, both to their best day since November 2008. He also said the agency is "considering the immediate removal ... from the market" of e-cigarette flavorings that cater to underage users.

The new approach of FDA is much faster than the rulemaking process the agency announced in March. That data has not been released publicly yet, with the data coming from the early stages of the National Youth Tobacco Survey.

"These alternative nicotine delivery devices can be important for helping adults get off of combustible tobacco as an offramp", said Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar to FOX Business' Maria Bartiromo on Thursday. They're generally considered a less risky alternative to regular cigarettes. Today's effort notches up that action, becoming, said Gottlieb, the "largest ever coordinated initiative against violative sales in the history of the FDA".

  • Wendy Palmer