Anthony Kiedis Got Kicked Out of a Los Angeles Lakers Game

"It's not equitable. If you watch the film, you watch the spit, you watch this and that, it's just. We'll learn from our mistakes and get better". "That doesn't seem to be right". "I didn't see that", Lonzo Ball said. Wednesday's game will tip off at 7 p.m.

"I'm actually a little shocked at the number of games that they are missing", Anthony said, following the Rockets' 115-112 defeat to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Ingram and Rondo were both suspended without pay - Ingram for four games, Rondo for three - and will pay fines of $US158,816 ($223,500) and $US186,207 ($262,045) respectively.

The Lakers met as a team on Sunday in their film room and discussed the brawl. Rondo, Paul, and Ingram were all ejected. "We learned - everyone learns something differently, but we brought it up, we talked about it, the message was delivered". However, hard doesn't mean impossible, and the footage from the video shows Rondo appearing to intentionally spit on Paul's face.

Paul and Rondo were the main combatants trading blows after Paul stuck his finger in Rondo's face and pushed him hard.

- Paul responded after Rondo's slobber shot, poking Rondo near the eye and throwing a few punches of his own.

On Saturday, he electrified the Staples Center crowd for the first time with a monster two-handed slam to tie the contest 14-14 halfway through the first quarter.

"He left the altercation. Nobody said it was going to be easy". He did miss, but it was the act itself and the potential consequences. I'm happy it was only 4 (games).

Anthony, who tried to play peacemaker this time around for the Rockets, is probably wondering if he can call Vandeweghe and commissioner Adam Silver about recouping some of those lost game checks from more than a decade ago.

James, who stepped in to help break up the melee, said he did not see what caused the brawl, which the Rockets said started when Rondo spit in Paul's face.

  • Marlene Weaver