Murkowski on Trump: I know Alaska 'better than he does'

Before hearing arguments on Tuesday, the justices turned aside appeals of a 2017 ruling authored by Kavanaugh on the lower court that struck down a 2015 environmental rule imposed under former President Barack Obama regulating a potent greenhouse gas linked to climate change. But he didn't say that was such great news.

The results suggest the electorate paid close attention to the Kavanaugh confirmation and didn't like what they saw, especially after three women claimed late in the 11th hour of his confirmation process that he sexually assaulted them during high school and college freshman drinking parties. Some Democrats have talked of impeaching Kavanaugh, though the process is hard with a two-thirds Senate majority required to remove a federal judge.

GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, who has raised the alarm bells a month ago, is now saying voters are energized on their behalf.

Trump says allegations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh were "all made up, it was fabricated and it's a disgrace".

He categorically denies all the allegations.

Mr Kavanaugh is expected to push the court further to the right as he is replacing Justice Kennedy, a conservative who sometimes voted with the liberal justices on key social issues including in cases involving abortion and gay rights. Trump and other GOP leaders say the effort energized Republican voters, who had always been considered less energized than Democrats.

McConnell said he doesn't agree and pointed to the fact that Murkowski had won re-election as a write-in candidate in 2010.

Trump's first Supreme Court appointee, Neil Gorsuch, also took part in a White House oath ceremony. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.).

The confirmation gave the Republican president a major political victory ahead of crucial November 6 congressional elections, with Mr Trump's second lifetime selection for the nation's highest judicial body.

Trump continued to hammer Feinstein for her behavior after she was questioned about whether she or her staff leaked Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's letter, containing the accusations, and her identity to the press. Lacy had been working at the White House in support of Kavanaugh's nomination.

Asked if he considered the crowd at Trump's rally also a mob, McConnell said: "I'm not interested in talking about tweets or what people may say at rallies".

Democrats point to the FBI's rather thin investigation of the charges against Kavanaugh, a process dictated by the White House.

"This business of presidential harassment may or may not quite be the victor they think it is", McConnell told the Associated Press.

The event was the third swearing-in ceremony for the nominee after a historically contentious confirmation battle following several allegations against the judge.

His ascent to the court was sealed by a 50-48 Senate vote last Saturday.

He renewed one of his favorite nicknames, calling Sen.

At Northwestern University, associate general counsel Sarah Wake said that since the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, she has observed a significant increase in student reports of past sexual misconduct to the Office of Equity. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina.

McConnell wouldn't say whether the Senate would insist that Sessions' replacement would protect special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation. "I don't know a thing", he said.

The president said he hoped Warren ran against him in 2020.

McConnell said that "would be a waste of time frankly".

President Donald Trump is set to campaign in Pennsylvania as Hurricane Michael pounds Florida's Panhandle.

"That episode, if it occurs, would be in the portion of the government we haven't funded", he said. "The public got mad at us and felt sympathy for President Clinton".

  • Aubrey Nash