Saudi suspects in Khashoggi murder banned from entering UK

But Turkey has been leading their own investigation and Erdogan said the killing was meticulously planned, calling for 18 Saudis who have been detained by Saudi authorities to be tried in Istanbul.

A State Department official told CNN that the suspects whose visas were being revoked would not be named due to "visa confidentiality".

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Tuesday that the US would be revoking the visas of Saudi operatives who are accused of killing Saudi columnist Jamal Khashoggi, although he didn't specify how many visas would be revoked at the time.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has already cut off future weapons sales to Riyadh and is considering whether to halt delivery of arms already approved for export but not yet sent to Saudi Arabia.

But Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said Madrid would fulfill its commitment to sell Riyadh 400 precision bombs despite his "dismay" over the "terrible murder" of Khashoggi.

The sources say President Erdogan has a copy of the Skype audio but is refusing to hand it over to the US. "We are determined to punish those who are responsible for this murder".

Asked if he believed the royal family's denial of any involvement in the killing, Mr Trump gave a long pause before saying: "I want to believe them, I really want to believe them", the newspaper said.

Erdogan has said that 15 Saudi officials arrived in Istanbul shortly before Khashoggi's death and that a man, apparently dressed in the writer's clothes, acted as a possible decoy by walking out of the consulate on the day of the disappearance.

While living in Saudi Arabia, Khashoggi was told to stop writing or posting on Twitter, where he has more than 1.6 million followers.

The brutal death of Khashoggi, a United States resident and Washington Post columnist critical of the Crown Prince, has sparked global outrage and threatened relations between Riyadh and Washington as well as other Western nations.

"There will be no rift with Turkey in the presence of King Salman, his Crown Prince and President Erdogan", he said.

Trump reiterating that he does not want to scrap the Dollars 110 billion mega arms deal with Saudi Arabia and the total investment of USD450 billion from that country, but did not rule out not taking any action against the Saudis.

"As of now we expect of them to openly bring to light those responsible - from the highest ranked to the lowest - and to bring them to justice".

Here is, according to Erdogan, how the murder plot unfolded leading up to and including the day of the murder.

The evidence included video and audio recordings from the consulate and the consul's residence and were shared with visiting Central Intelligence Agency chief Gina Haspel, Sabah newspaper reported.

Earlier on Tuesday, the president told reporters at the White House that Saudi authorities had staged the "worst cover-up ever" over the incident, and that they had handled the matter badly.

On Sunday, the Saudi foreign minister acknowledged Khashoggi had been murdered but said the leadership had not been aware of the "rogue operation".

In an interview with Newsweek, Khashoggi said he was "sure the Americans are not going to apply pressure on MBS [unless] a true crisis happens in Saudi Arabia".

  • Wendy Palmer