Tom Hardy clarifies comments about cut 'Venom' scenes

Film blogger Chris Rogers addressed not just Venom as a movie but as the kick off to an entire film universe and was particularly brutal, calling the film "poison". The movie also stars Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed. But when he does a follow-up based on a tip from one of Drake's scientists (Jenny Slate), Eddie crosses paths with something much worse: a sentient, liquid-like symbiote that takes over his body, causing him to bite the heads off contract killers and drive a motorcycle down San Francisco's hilly streets as if he were doing wheelies on a skateboard.

We're happy to tell you there are two credit stings in Venom, so stay in your seats until the lights come up.

It's hard to discuss "Venom" without some mention of the infamous feculence line shown in the trailer-the symbiotic monster warning a naughty thug about leaving his dismembered body flailing about like "a turd in the wind". As Life Foundation foot soldiers come to retrieve the escaped alien, Eddie and Venom forge a tenuous bond via an ongoing internal dialogue, even if - outwardly - it seems like the poor human is certifiably insane. The first reactions to Venom are in, and they're kind of mixed at best. With Disney sitting this one out - its next film is next spring's Captain Marvel - and Warner gearing up for Aquaman's Christmas release, the real battle for the universe would seem to be between studio titans, not alien beasties.

Hardy's toothy performance, however, employs a distracting cadence, even before you get to the movie's other abundant flaws.

The 41-year-old actor wasn't shy about his support for the film, saying he's already hoping for sequels.

Hardy was especially excited about playing this particular character. Director Ruben Fleischer, who made his name with the fluid and entertaining Zombieland almost a decade ago, is unable to make heads or tails of the action set pieces here. This time it's an all-out attempt to make a darker Marvel character the center of his own film, superheroics be damned.

The Marvel comic book character is one of Spider-Man's most famous antagonists, but this movie presents a simple origins story distinct from his web-slinging foe. Basically, for a movie that's tagline is something along the lines of "the world has enough superheroes", you better have a damn good reason to transform that character into a hero over time.

Sony Pictures has released a new TV spot from their upcoming Marvel film Venom, ahead of the film's theatrical debut later this week. MRI scans and sonic pain inflicted on Venom cause flashing glimpses of the alien creature superimposed over Tom Hardy's face, complete with special-effects so bad it might as well be a low-budget horror movie.

"On paper, Hardy is the ideal Eddie Brock, effortlessly embodying the fluid physicality and jittery paranoia of a man being consumed by sentient space goo ..." Why not go the R route a la "Deadpool" and let the big guy loose in more ways than one? Venom is hitting theaters on Friday, October 5, and fans will soon be able to see Tom Hardy step into the titular role as Spider-Man's greatest enemy.

  • Marlene Weaver