With Tom Brady, the Patriots confidence never wavered in comeback effort

New England fans let Hill have it with both barrels after he scored the game-tying touchdown late in Sunday's wild game in New England, a 43-40 Patriots win. The Patriots, overall, played really well and still the Chiefs nearly got them.

Tour de France victor Geraint Thomas is reaping the rewards of his epic win, including getting sideline access to the game of the season at Gillette Stadium. I think we all know that answer. It's nearly become normal to see the Patriots down by one score in the fourth quarter and feel at it.

"That person should be kicked out and shouldn't be allowed back because we need to take a stand against that", Solar said. Even as Mahomes gained a swift upper hand and pushed the Chiefs to a 33-30 lead and then a 40-all tie, the Pats kept their composure and self-belief.

For all the talk about scheme and RPOs - the game turned into a match of great players.

That play set up Gostkowski's 50-yard field goal, but it was his play on the final drive which made the difference.

Tom Brady once again proved that you can't give him time to lead a game-winning drive and Rob Gronkowski showed that he is almost impossible to tackle.

But before that came Hill's touchdown, and the hostile end zone greeting from Patriots fans. "In the end, we were able to just do a little bit more, do enough". Because Patrick Mahomes and the surging Chiefs simply couldn't be stopped.

During the second quarter - as the Patriots were driving for yet another touchdown - Brady looked over the Chiefs' defense and decided he needed Gronkowski to switch out of his regular stance on the line-of-scrimmage. So many that, when these games end we're like jewelers inspecting diamonds searching for flaws in something that was really, really exquisite. Two massive plays later, Brady was centering the ball for Stephen Gostkowski's game-winning field goal. It proved to be a big one as the Chiefs would score a touchdown one play later after Hill's 75-yard scoring reception. For anyone who follows football around the NFL, the kicker position has been one that has been incredibly inconsistent for other teams this season and the Patriots remain fortunate where they have a player who doesn't fall into that category.

  • Rosalie Stanley