As Trump renews border wall demands, U.S. government shutdown looms

US lawmakers must act to pass a spending bill by December 7 to fund some government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security that oversees the border and immigration.

"That has happened before and, if we are rocked, that would happen again tomorrow", he told reporters.

On Tuesday, US authorities lowered the number of arrests during the confrontation to 42 from 69.

Doctors have been reporting that as a result of the closure, many patients canceled their appointments because they did not want to cross, and some offices reported a drop in business as high as 70 percent, said Ricardo Vega Montiel, director of the state's medical cluster.

"I will tell you, politically speaking, that issue is a total victor", the President said, citing recent incidents at the border that he believes have motivated support for more security.

The agency said the woman had fallen from the border wall about one mile east of the San Ysidro port of entry Saturday evening after she climbed over it to illegally enter the country.

Critics denounced the action by border agents as overkill, but Trump kept to a hard line.

Mr Trump's defence of the federal agents' actions comes after the USA president denied armed forces had used tear gas against children - despite photos and videos showed people, including families and children, running and screaming from a cloud of tear gas. They're now running on stopgap funds set to expire December 7.

He added some of the single men in the caravans have attempted to claim children as their own, in hopes of having a better chance of declaring asylum, and referred to them as grabbers.

Trump hit out again by threatening a permanent closure of the frontier, and defended the use of tear gas by USA border patrol, saying it was "very safe".

"They had to use because they were being rushed by some very tough people, and they used tear gas".

Following the incident, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Kevin McAleenan defended the firing of CS gas canisters by agents saying it was to stop an "extremely risky situation" after primarily adult males began throwing rocks. But, he said, "The ultimate border security is to help address. the causes of people leaving Guatemala and Honduras" and fleeing to the United States.

"If women and children choose to insert themselves into a violent crowd that is attacking police officers with rocks and bottles, there are going to be unintended consequences".

Thousands of migrants are sheltering in a sports complex in Tijuana.

Sunday's confrontation broke out after a migrants' march in Tijuana spiralled out of control, with hundreds of migrants attempting to breach barriers separating Mexico from the US.

Migrants, part of a caravan of thousands from Central America trying to reach the United States, make their way to the border fence between Mexico and the USA on November 25.

Officials also reported more interest from migrants wanting to start the process of staying in Mexico.

On the USA side, border patrol agents arrested 42 people who had illegally crossed the border. The San Ysidro Port of Entry was closed for several hours.

Isauro Mejia, 46, of Cortes, Honduras, looked for a cup of coffee Monday morning after spending Sunday caught up in the clash.

"The way things went yesterday ..."

"I am firm", he said in an interview published Wednesday in Politico.

Border Patrol agents have discretion on how to deploy less-than-lethal force.

Still, Tijuana municipal delegate Genaro Lopez says his city's been shaken.

  • Joey Payne