At least 25 dead as two wildfires cause devastation in southern California

Billy Ray Cyrus added there were so many people in California worse off than his daughter and Hemsworth, including the residents of Paradise in northern California where at least 29 people were killed and nearly 7,000 homes and structures destroyed in what is the worst fire in the state's history.

Authorities were also bringing in a DNA lab and encouraged people with missing relatives to submit samples to aid in identifying the dead after the blaze destroyed more than 6,700 buildings, almost all of them homes.

So far, 29 bodies have been recovered in or near Paradise, a town of about 26,000 that's been all but leveled by the Camp fire.

But when he returned to his house, he found only debris, ashes, and a burned down vehicle. With more than 200 people still unaccounted for, families who are desperate for answers are posting pictures of their loved ones online and on message boards at shelters. However, in cases in which missing people are not found alive, he said relatives may be asked to provide a DNA sample to help authorities identify the remains.

In southern California, two people are known to have lost their lives in the slightly smaller Woolsey Fire.

It is the largest of several infernos that have sent a quarter of a million people fleeing their homes across the tinder-dry state, with winds of up to 100kph fanning the fast-moving flames.

Miley Cyrus' fiance and his brother Luke wore respirator masks as they returned to the site where the Malibu home he shared with the singer once stood.

Shannen Doherty said online "our house is fine", adding she was heartbroken that a friend's Malibu home where she was married in 2011 had burned. "Five of them were in homes, one was in a vehicle".

Fox News Chief Correspondent In Los Angeles Jonathan Hunt joined Fox News Radio's Marie Harf with the latest on the wildfires in California. "It was probably the most bad experience I will have in my life", she told the Newsday programme.

US President Donald Trump said he approved an "expedited" major disaster declaration for California over the deadly wildfires burning at both ends of the state.

Two people have been found dead as a pair of wildfires stretched from inland canyons to the Pacific in southern California, leaving people sifting through the remains of their homes for anything they had left.

The Republican president has previously blamed California officials for fires and threatened to withhold funding, saying the state should do more to remove rotten trees and other debris that fuel blazes.

Many others including Orlando Bloom, Alyssa Milano, Lady Gaga, "The Office" actor Rainn Wilson and fashion designer Donna Karan were among evacuees.

The Ventura County Humane Society said it was "deeply humbled by a $100,000 donation from (actress) Sandra Bullock and family" to rescue and care for animals evacuated from the fires.

As of this morning, the fire has destroyed 6,453 residences and 260 commercial buildings.

Mr Brown said federal and state governments must do more forest management, but said climate change was the greater source of the problem.

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