Dennis Hof, Recently Deceased Brother Owner, Wins Nevada Election

"There are a lot of Republicans who were uncomfortable voting for Dennis because of the nature of his business and they now know that he is not the one who will be serving", Muth told Reuters last month.

Hours earlier he had attended a rally for his campaign to win a seat in the Nevada state assembly in GOP-popular District 36.

During the poll declaration, Hof had 68.3% of the vote to defeat his Democrat rival Lesia Romanov who polled 31.7%.

With Hof dead, county officials plan to appoint a Republican to the seat.

Dennis Hof was found dead on October 16 after a weekend of partying to celebrate his 72nd birthday. "He died quietly in his sleep", Hof's campaign manager Chuck Muth said at one of the brothels he operated in Crystal, Nevada.

Hof, who starred in the HBO reality television show Cathouse about the prostitutes working at one of his establishments, was running as a Donald Trump-style Republican.

Hof's Love Ranch brothel about an hour outside of Las Vegas, the same brothel where National Basketball Association player Lamar Odom was found unconscious in 2015, is where Jeremy and a prostitute found Hof's body.

The district is heavily rural, containing large desert areas in the southern region of Nevada. They're banned in the counties that contain Las Vegas and Reno. Most owners keep a lower profile than Hof did.

He ran for office in 2016 as a Libertarian but lost. This summer, he ousted an incumbent Republican lawmaker in a primary election, celebrating at an election night party with "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss. As a result, Nevada Republicans encouraged people to vote for him anyway.

He said he faced political retribution this year in the form of an anti-brothel push and regulatory problems.

Lt. David Boruchowitz with the Nye County Sheriff's Office confirmed Hof's death, but said the department is sharing no additional details.

The legal pimp had also been accused of sexual assault on at least four occasions.

  • Joey Payne