Get a free Google Home Mini from Spotify for your family account

Coupled with recent tensions with record labels, Spotify has limited runway for error as competitors like Apple Music and Pandora Media Inc. hope to close in on its dominance. This plays in well with Google's plan to get the Google Assistant in every single home in the world, starting with these United States of America.

The big picture: Spotify turned in a much improved financial report for the third quarter but still isn't profitable. A nice little hardware hook to sell you on a service or bit of software. Why would Google work with Spotify to give out a free Google Home Mini when they've not done the same with Google Music?

With Spotify Premium for Family, up to five people who reside at the same address can have their own Spotify Premium account with individual playlists, saved music and the ability to listen at the same time or separately. Users must apply to get a free Google Home Mini before the 31st of December, 2018. It's also limited to subscribers in the USA, and there is another caveat: Subscribers have to pay Spotify directly, and not via a third party like an app store or a telco.

Looking ahead, Spotify anticipates a total premium subscriber count of between 93 million and 96 million by the end of the fourth quarter with monthly active users somewhere in the range of 199 million to 206 million.

  • Wendy Palmer